About me

Behind the suit and beard…

Ali Romanos.

I’ve lived most of my life in Karori, Wellington. I attended Karori Normal School and Wellington College.

In September 2021, my family and I moved to Pahiatua for a change in lifestyle. I now spend most of my time there, although I remain a door tenant of Quayside Chambers on Lambton Quay and come to Wellington every few weeks for meetings and court.

I come from a family of journalists. I’m the third of four children. Growing up, my favourite subjects were English, history, media studies and drama. I thought I’d end up being a journalist or broadcaster. But after college, I completed a GAP year at Kings College School in Cambridge, UK. There, I met several lawyers who inspired me to pursue a career in law.

So that’s what I did. Fast-forward five years at Otago University—with stints along the way at Massey and Copenhagen—and I left with degrees in law and politics.

Upon my admission to the legal profession, I didn’t join a law firm, and rather went straight to the Bar. I was hungry to get on my feet in Court as soon as possible, and was fortunate to score a job with Peter McKnight, one of New Zealand’s most experienced defamation and media-law barristers. I’ve worked with Peter ever since.

Outside of work, my life centres around my two lovely daughters, my equally lovely wife, and our lively jack russells.

Growing up, sport was always a big thing in the Romanos household – for me, it’s cricket, squash, tennis, and (armchair) rugby and heavyweight boxing.

I’m an avid fan of electronic dance music, especially house and trance (in all their varietals), having spent much of my University days—probably too much!—DJing in various clubs around the South Island, promoting gigs, and hosting numerous radio shows. No doubt, the smooth sounds of DJ Alley will forever be engrained in the wistful nostalgia of my former fan base – consisting basically of my now-wife and a handful of long-suffering friends 🙂

I love to cook (and watch cooking), whether mastering new curry pastes, the latest creations by #Foodwishes, or tried-and-true recipes from my Lebanese heritage.

I’m pretty handy on the guitar, and I like to lurk around on Twitter.

So that’s me.